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I’m Monster: Idle Destruction MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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I’m Monster: Idle Destruction MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

I’m Monster: Idle Destruction – Do you see the film about Godzilla or Kong that was well known for the love production of the obvious heads of Hollywood? After a short time, the latest piece of the Godzilla film will be conveyed, attracting a lot of thought from various watchers. If you have a little care with respect to this sort, you certainly acknowledge how to transform into a monster. They were huge and tremendous, about the size of a tall design, a horrendous appearance joined by ruination, subverting people’s serene life. Might you want to have a go at being a monster once in your life? I’m Monster is the latest game aftereffect of Pik Pok studio.

I'm Monster: Idle Destruction

App NameI'm Monster: Idle Destruction MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download
PublisherI'm Monster: Idle Destruction MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download
Size 103M
Latest Version 1.5.8
MOD info Unlimited Money
Catch it OnI'm Monster: Idle Destruction MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download
UpdateAugust 2021
I'm Monster: Idle Destruction

On the off chance that you think about this game maker through prestigious names like Fick Kick series, Into the Dead, Rival Stars Basketball, … Then certainly feel the charm of this thing. There are various engaging things using empowered delineations sensible for different ages.


If you inspect the trailer, you will see notable monsters that have been changed into more cute shapes. A blue dinosaur, a goliath gorilla and pariah octopus, … close by various kinds of monsters that you can step by step open when you show up at new levels and acquire adequate money. You will play as a monster that genuinely suggests using your general existence to demolish the city whatever amount as could be anticipated. Be that as it may, on the off chance that there are an attacker and a test, don’t be hesitant and Kill it.


As you presumably know, there are many kinds of monsters that exist in this game so players can in like manner accumulate 1 Monster Squad to fabricate their power. The more you destroy, the more grounded you will be. Goriko, Arctica, Rogrora are the most undeniable names that players will know immediately. They all have particular subtleties like attack hurt, hurt capacity, max prosperity, attack rate to show their fortitude. Other than the awful monsters, you can similarly bring pets that are arranged in the style of monsters, for example, a Cosmo

They will give you basic power when overseeing hurt similarly as different improvements. Especially when you face the most surprising directors, they will bring more power subtleties than you. Players who need to win them ought not simply have an optimal arrangement with unique limit yet need to use a collection of sharp techniques.

Generally speaking, the general play of the game isn’t too irksome when it is basically like an io game. It’s attempting to say that for easy to imagine hate, there are a couple of parts that make it work like that. Exactly when you enter the game, you will expect the piece of a monster you picked beforehand. Moreover, you will enter a gigantic city, using your whole existence to sabotage everything around. The more things that are annihilated, the more size and power of monsters will be extended.

There are up to 6 kinds of monsters that you can uninhibitedly pick and become maybe the most amazing animal that individuals form. Moreover, these monsters have different capacities; they also have a record called Skill Damage. The further developed the player is, the more damage they will cause and will demolish more designs, similarly as total adequate capacity to face the Bosses.

You’re a goliath monster deserted in a strange city. Your fundamental objective? Obliterate whatever amount of stuff as could be anticipated! Release obliteration and free for all your way through a delightful world.

Squash. Create. Squash MORE.

It’s essential. The more you smash the more you create! Foster your monsters to get new limits, develop to massive sizes, and become the most wonderful monster EVER SEEN!


  • Build a conclusive monster group!
  • 12 totally recognized and unique monsters to assemble and redesign
  • Collect exceptional monster materials and use them to create and foster each individual monster
  • Evolved monsters are greater, have new capacities, and achieve more damage!


  • Reach new areas by squashing your heading through obstacles – and structures!
  • Leave a durable war zone subsequently!
  • Romp and step around a brilliant powerful world – for you to DESTROY!
  • High-quality 3D world for super-satisfying demolition!

I’m Monster is permitted to play anyway offers some game things for purchase with real money.

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